Rugby Radio Station New Town Master Plan Rugby, England, UK


With the UK-based developer Gazeley Properties, William McDonough + Partners led planning efforts on a winning design competition scheme for a new community on a prominent site just off the M1. Detailed analyses of site ecology, topography, and morphology provide an essay of clues for an integrated approach to site development. Open space, landscape, and water shape the built and natural landscapes. The resulting plan optimizes flows of material, energy, and people across the site. The plan also draws upon the presence of ancient hedgerows to create visual and environmental connections through the site. By optimizing the development’s economic, environmental, and social quality and value at all scales, the design is expected to facilitate timely resolution of Britain’s often-fractious public approvals process. The community promises a rare opportunity for British Telecom to showcase its most advanced telecommunications technologies alongside leading-edge sustainable strategies.


New town plan


1,700 acres


Public approval process