Playa Carrillo Feasibility Study Playa Carrillo, Costa Rica


William McDonough + Partners led initial efforts to master plan the Playa Carrillo Resort Community as a model of sustainable development. A core component of our approach is an assessment of the natural systems of the site — the landform, hydrology, vegetation, climate, and energy flows — to inform the pattern of development. This “Essay of Clues” forms the basis for establishing a development program including housing, hotels, and resort facilities. Our planning approach embraces a systems-based conceptualization process by which energy, water, waste and other systems are considered at the earliest stages of planning. This approach is crucial to meeting Costa Rica’s challenge to become the first carbon-neutral country. With over two miles of beach frontage and pristine foothills rising from the Pacific, this community will be planned to use topography and vegetation to frame stunning views throughout the property. The development team is committed to developing the site in an environmentally sensitive and socially responsible manner; creating an experience of luxury while preserving a sense of place and connection to nature.


Capacity study of boutique hotels, five-star resorts, and private residences


1500 acres


Siteworks, Landscape Architect
WSP Energy, Energy Consultant
JF New, Hydrology Consultant