National Museum of Science & Industry Swindon, England


NMSI was initially conceived as a scientific centre of excellence called Creative Planet, occupying a 545-acre former airfield in Southwest England. The client wished to explore and disseminate information around the theme of sustainable development through a number of “knowledge farms” placed around the perimeter of the circular site within former airplane hangars. The National Collections Centre will provide three layers of access to the collection: open storage, which visitors can explore freely; accessible storage suitable for guided tours and researchers; and deep storage exclusively for museum staff. The integration of spaces for workshops, shows, and demonstrations with the collections will provide a stimulating learning environment for an annual audience of up to 275,000 visitors. The building and campus will look to spur dialogue about a sustainable future for humanity and advocate intelligent anticipatory design, and like all of Creative Planet, the NCC will be a place of dialogue, questioning, hands-on learning and creating for every visitor.


Visiter center and collections storage


581,000 square feet


Schematic Design Completed


William McDonough + Partners, Design Architect
Campbell & Campbell, Landscape Architect
Real Studio, Exhibit Designer