Mark Rylander presents Milan Expo 2015 at a national press conference in Italy

On September 3rd, Mark Rylander presented the concept plan for the Milan Expo 2015 at a national press conference. See Video For more information on the vision for Milan Expo 2015, click Here

Our Latest Project Breaks Ground: NASA’s Sustainability Base

In August, we attended a celebratory groundbreaking for Sustainability Base, a collaborative support facility at the NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, Calif. “We have designed this project to go beyond Platinum” and set new benchmarks for federal and NASA facilities. “When we started the design of ‘Sustainability Base’ with NASA, we were inspired by the statement ‘as only NASA can’,” says Kevin Burke, our design partner on the project. “It was clear …

One Firm, Three Studios: We’ve Opened Our EU Doors

We have a new studio in the family. We’ve been working in Europe for years, and have seen opportunities there increase, as enthusiasm for Cradle to CradleSM has grown, especially in the Netherlands. No surprise that our EU home base is now in Amsterdam, in the country where some of our highest ambition Cradle to Cradle work is currently taking place. “We are thrilled to have a Netherlands studio as our European hub,” says Bill …

Expo 2015

We have the great privilege to be involved in the planning and design for Milan’s Expo 2015-along with Herzog & De Meuron, Boeri Studio, Richard Burdett (with London School of Economics), and Joan Busquets (from Barcelona)-which will address the theme “Feeding the Planet: Energy for Life.” This universal topic is central to sustainability.

WM+P Noted for Leadership in Design Survey

The Design Intelligence 2009 Sustainable Design Survey draws data from architecture and design firms throughout the United States, and findings included individuals and organizations that architects cite as role models of green and sustainable design. We are delighted to find our firm in the top five firms, and our founder, Bill McDonough, as number one in the individual category.

Bill McDonough discusses the future of Oil in McKinsey Artcile

Bill McDonough and Stephan Dolezalek of VantagePoint Venture Partners recently contributed an article entitled “The Carbon free Opportunity” for the McKinsey Quarterly–a dialog on the future of oil as a strategic commodity compared to renewable sources of energy.

WM+P and Team Present Almere Project

In June, our firm joined MVRDV, WEST 8, and local officials in presenting the concept report for the development of Almere Island to the Ministers of Transportation and Spatial Planning, Housing, and the Environment. Almere Island, a new island to be built in the IJmeer between the cities of Amsterdam and Almere, is a joint venture by the local, regional, and national governments to address urban regional growth. Plans for the new community, inspired by …

New Campus Library Opens in Pasadena

[img_assist|nid=360|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=350|height=307]Fuller Theological Seminary has opened the David Allan Hubbard Library (below) on its Pasadena campus. The building, a a collaborative effort between our firm, House & Robertson Architects, and DPR Construction, honors the memory of David Allan Hubbard, theological scholar and past president of Fuller. Hubbard has been described as a man of “unlimited peripheral vision,” a compelling idea woven into the design in several ways, most demonstrably in terms of window placement and sense …