California Greenin’: David Johnson in Environmental Design+Construction on CalGreen Building Standards

The recently passed California Green Building Standards (CalGreen) will raise the baseline for new construction and have an enormous positive impact, given CalGreen’s widespread application. This new code from the California Building Standards Commission, which takes effect January 2011, will continue California’s legacy of environmental leadership. However, as we integrate these new requirements within the wide range of existing green standards, codes and rating systems, we are constantly faced with the question: Is what we’re …

NASA’s Sustainability Base Tops Out

[img_assist|nid=391|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=53|height=70] The steel structure is complete at the NASA Ames Sustainability Base, a William McDonough + Partners design. This is a major landmark in construction the project that is designed to be greenest in the federal portfolio. A ceremonial “topping out” event and beam-signing took place on March 12 to commemorate the completion of structural steel for the NASA Ames Research Center’s Sustainability Base. This represents a landmark for the building, expected to be one of …

Learning from the Netherlands

Diane Dale, director of Community Design, presented the firm’s recent Dutch community planning work at the Sustainability in Urban Communities: Exchanging Transatlantic Best Practices seminar at the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Washington DC.

McDonough to Washington Leaders: We Need a New Design

On March 10, Bill McDonough gave testimony at a House of Representatives Transportation/HUD appropriations subcommittee hearing on sustainability in practice. Executive Director Tom Darden III spoke about Make It Right, Brad Pitt’s pro bono effort to rebuild the Lower 9th Ward. Bill talked about William McDonough + Partners’ role in Make It Right and about Cradle to Cradle philosophy and practice.

Diane Dale Participates in Sustainable Communities Forum

On March 3, Diane Dale, director of Community Design, joined stakeholders from the smart growth, clean energy, and climate communities at the White House for the Clean Energy Economy Forum: Livability and Sustainable Communities, put on by the DOT and HUD.

Katherine Grove Speaks at ACSA about Make It Right

On March 6, Katherine Grove, AIA, presented at the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture conference at Tulane about Make It Right and rebuilding in New Orleans. The panel included Byron Mouton, a Tulane professor who heads the UrbanBILD studio there.

David Johnson Speaks on Panel about Water & Design

The director of the William McDonough + Partners San Francisco studio, David Johnson, presented at the Strategic Opportunities in Water Technologies conference in San Francisco (February 3-5); his February 5 panel, on Water Technology Needs of the Commercial Real Estate Market, including industry experts including Sally Gutierrez, director of the National Risk Management Research Lab at the US EPA office of Research and Development.

Diane Dale on Positioning Communities for Sustainability

Diane Dale participated in a forum entitled “Re-positioning American Communities for Successful Sustainable Development” hosted by ULI and AIA (January 28-29). This invitation-only event brought together architects, developers, mayors and other experts to focus on the creation of a plan for the increased development of sustainable, livable communities.